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Suspension of disbelief. This is what movies set out to do. The director scoops you up and takes you for a ride, pulling you into his narrative. There’s plenty to learn about science communication from storytelling in movies.
In this workshop you learn:

  • The structure of stories
  • How movies are constructed
  • How to apply narrative tools
  • How to extract tales from your science
  • Tips for writing and presenting


Opportunities for scientific progress often lie in the cracks between disciplines. Teams with several different backgrounds stand the most chance of discovering these hidden gems. Yet often, team members don’t speak the same jargon, requirements are unclear or researchers use seemingly incompatible methods.
In this workshop, you will learn:

  • Tips for participating in an interdisciplinary project
  • To increase your efficiency in a project
  • To increase chances of success and results of a project
  • How to design and coordinate an interdisciplinary project

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