Winnie Poncelet

Winnie Poncelet

Word juggler and polymath

Winnie has an unrivaled gift for inciting cooperation. A natural listener, he deconstructs the needs and wants of many, combining them into a shared sense of purpose. His knack for getting the bigger picture and assessing the road to get there, are sure to leave a refreshing wave of change in his wake.

Winnie can help you with

  • Interdisciplinary collaboration
  • Copywriting
  • Event organising
  • Education innovation

Winnie's highlights

  • Biochemical engineer
  • Generation T
    - Selected as Young Sustainable Change Maker
  • ReaGent
    - Co-founder of first DIYbio lab in Flanders
  • Ekoli
    - Co-founder of nonprofit dedicated to inclusive education
  • Kuru
    - Co-founder of movie and event production organisation
  • Magma Nova
    - Research on sustainable materials at the insection of design, biology and computation
  • Millibeter
    - Process design of fully automated waste processing with black soldier fly larvae