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March 5, 2017
March 5, 2017

Sport Participation and Ethics


University of Ghent - Research Group Sportmanagement

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Sport organizations need to cooperate with each other as this is paramount to obtain resources, maintain efficiency and be effective. More than half of the inter-organizational collaborations fail due to inadequate governance of the collaboration. The research group’s investigation is centered on how to improve this.

The sport world has a complex relationship with ethics and values. On the one hand, the practice and organization of sport benefits health, social cohesion, social capital and much more. On the other hand, sport is suffering from a moral crisis. Match fixing, bad governance and doping are just a few examples that are featured in the media every day. The research aims to find how sports can be good, ethically, and do good, for society, at the same time.

The research group was looking for infographics to increase the visibility and societal impact of their research on sport participation and ethics.


We created a two-page infographic for the two main topics of the research group: sport participation and sport ethics. Each infographic consists of four parts: context, background, approach and outcomes and finally practical applications. The infographics were published in Dutch and English.

The infographics were designed according to the new corporate identity of the University of Ghent, linking the research to the university. Simple icons were added to guide the reader through the abstract sport research terminology.