March 5, 2017

Kom op tegen Kanker


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Kom op tegen Kanker

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Kom op tegen kanker [Stand against cancer] is a Flemish organization which is at the center of the fight against cancer. It does so by offering support to research and policy, organizing a broad range of activities, with a determined focus on information and prevention. And it succeeds in uniting patients, their families and kind hearted souls.

Jumpstarting the conversation on cigarettes within the younger generation of YouTube devotees, they set up a campaign where Flemish vloggers talked about the various ingredients. To get there, they needed a better picture of the ingredients with the coolest possibilities, viral-video-wise, while at the same time ensuring safety in teenage hands.


We researched the endless list of products correlated with cigarettes and offered advice on safety and accessibility. First and foremost, we laid the first yellow bricks of the creative road for the young vloggers.

We helped them see ways in which science could be used for creative purposes to increase their own science enthusiasm and that of their audiences. We guided them to the right experiments and demonstrated how they could have fun with them on camera. The outcome is a fine tuned blend of their personal style of vlogging, cool chemistry and awareness about a stubborn villain in the fight against cancer.