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March 5, 2017

Black Book of Bioenergy


Birdlife Europe and Transport & Environment

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Protected forests in Europe felled to meet EU renewable targets

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Birdlife Europe and Transport & Environment put their forces together to bring issues of bioenergy to the public attention. European climate and energy policies have been built on the assumption that bioenergy as a renewable resource is all right. Yet there are several issues with bioenergy that are often overlooked.

The clients wanted to convey the message that things are not ‘all right’. They wanted to employ the iconic film noire style to contrast the green, sustainable image that bioenergy portrays, with the grim reality.


The black book of bioenergy puts the spotlight on eight cases that unmask the culprits behind the great carbon con of bioenergy.

The report starts with introduction and an infographic linking bad bioenergy to climate change. Eight infographic templates with a map each highlight the European nature of the project.

The local element is added to each infographic through an image of the bioenergy site, a graphic illustrating the problem and a summary of impacts on the local environment and the economy. The result is a colourful, yet dark view of bioenergy.