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Visualising your information through clear and attractive graphics

In Break it Down, you can spot a rare species known as the visual science communicator. This scientist with experience in information design brings the worlds of science and design together to create a crystal clear and shiny piece of scientific research.

Unique workshops on storytelling in science, interdisciplinary collaboration and hacking your research

We condense years of experience into a session full of inspiration and practical pointers. We are always learning in the middle of the action, explaining science to fellow researchers and citizens of any age or background.

Help you organise an event worth remembering

Events are a lot of work and, honestly, they never go according to plan. We can help from idea to clean-up and relieve some of that stress. If you rely on us, you can truly enjoy your own event.

Copywriting for articles, grant proposals and any other text you want to revamp

We can help you write texts that convey your message clearly and convince the reader you are the right person, with the right idea, at the right time. We write in English or Dutch.

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