Niek D’Hondt

Niek D’Hondt

Tinkerer with a sixth sense for stories

Niek excels at explaining science in clear terms, through virtually any medium, for any audience. A true people person and creative mastermind always itching for a challenge.

Niek can help you with

  • Tv and Media production
  • Scientific Storytelling
  • Event organising
  • Education innovation
  • Educational material development

Niek's highlights

  • Biotech lab technician
  • Famelab 2015 Finalist
    - Science communication contest
  • Generation T
    - Selected as Young Sustainable Change Maker
  • Editorial Mentor Young Scientists Journal
    - Mentoring young scientists in science communication
  • ReaGent
    - Co-founder of first DIYbio lab in Flanders
  • Ekoli
    - Co-founder of nonprofit dedicated to inclusive education