A few words about us

  • The story of Break it Down starts in 2015. Three friends decide to start an open biolab dedicated to making biosciences more accessible for everyone.

    We took a two-way approach: provide access to the machines and make the scientific knowledge to use them understandable for anyone.
    The idea for ReaGent was born.
  • We put together a professional lab with machines we built ourselves as well as second hand machinery.

    Flash forward and the nonprofit biolab now houses a vibrant community of citizen scientists that organises events, does small research projects, informs people about science and launched a national nonprofit dedicated to child education in bio sciences for underprivileged groups: Ekoli.
  • We learned a whole bunch about science communication in all its forms.

    Sharing these lessons was a logical next step in our mission to make science accessible for everyone. That’s why we launched Break it Down.

We Break it Down

as professionals

What we are

Our science communication collective consists of scientists with an eclectic background in research, science communication, information design, movie production, education, scenarios, writing and facilitation. People can hire us to learn from our experience as trailblazers in new ways of doing science.

What is important to us

If you hire us, you directly support two nonprofits dedicated to making science understandable, inclusive and accessible for everyone, especially those who are often overlooked.

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